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The aim of the page ‘Blog credit’ is to acknowledge the help and express credit to the following Shipping lines / websites for covering the news / events happened in the shipping industry from June 2013 & onward. I’m also equally indebted and express credit to all those websites of leading shipping companies /allied field for using their texts, images, narratives, illustrations as a reference material for explaining staff of my site.

There is a category  titled ‘News updates on Global shipping’, under the main menu “Topics”  in my website where I have been trying to cover important events and news happening in the global shipping industry since June 2013.
A memorable event happened on 15th July 2013 in the history of maritime industry. On this day, the first largest ship of the world named “Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller” under Triple-E category, commenced her maiden voyage from Busan of South Korea. I have covered and highlighted this important news in post under above mentioned category. Similarly all subsequent acquisitions of big container vessels by leading shipping companies of the world, got due importance as a global shipping news in my published posts. To do the job nicely, I had to take help from the news and image published by the respective shipping companies. For this help, I would like to credit the below mentioned Shipping Companies and their Management. I would also seek similar patronage and help from the leading shipping companies of the world in future so that I can continue to project the memorable events and achievements of shipping industry through my website/blog. It is obvious that the list of following websites will increase due to increase of posts / pages in my website in future.

There may be occasion when I felt the necessity to download some relevant data from internet resources for the purpose of explaining staff. It may not be always possible to identify and contact the actual owner or copyright holder of this data at that particular time/occasion of posting in the blog. Under this situation, if the owner of data is not willing to approve usage of this data in my website any longer, then I would request data owner to lodge formal objection with proof for cancellation of the used data. In that case, I shall be glad to remove the data from my website immediately.
It may be noted that data in question, refers to images, text, narratives, audio, video or other types of information.


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