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You are welcome to this educational and learning blog on the dynamic industry of container shipping and freight. As a new guest, you may have following multiple questions in your mind which need to be addressed with appropriate supportive information and feedback.

• Are you new to the Container Shipping and Freight industry..??
• Are you interested in joining this blog..??
• Are you already in the industry and looking forward to enrich your knowledge further..??
• Are you looking for resource material on shipping in general, to use as a reference guide in your day to day professional work..??
• Do you have passion to know how mode of sea transportation has been revolutionized by containerization..?
• Are you interested to know news updates on the arena of global shipping..??
• Do you like to know about liner shipping & chartering business…??
• Are you interested to know the history of Maritime shipping..??
• Do you prefer to know about the concept of dry port & its role..??

You have landed in the right platform. I assure you that this blog contains related articles/ posts which aims at explaining adequately all the issues/questions raised above. You will find the contents of each article very interesting as it has been based on the long working experience and professional knowledge of shipping industry.
To trace out the articles and posts of your interest, you are advised to click the menu bar under the title “Topics”. Clicking on this Menu will show the drop-down list . One link list shows list by category & here the relevant articles are grouped as per title of the category. The second list shows all articles post by post in descending order i.e. the latest post is placed be on the top. If you fail to trace out the relevant article as per your requirement, then please submit your query by using keyword or subject in the search box placed in the sideline. The research result will definitely show your desired article.
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At the end of each article, there is a ‘comment box’ to share ideas of user of the blog. You can share your ideas about the contents of the article through offering your valuable comments on the box and help the author to improve and interact.
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