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Terms and conditions of Use & Disclaimer

The terms and conditions and Disclaimer as described below, are obligatory on the part of each registered member or guest visitor to follow, while visiting this blog.
1. Terminologies are defined as under:
• Blog => Refers to this blog titled ‘Container shipping and Freight’ and its hyperlink – http://www.containershippingandfreight.com/
• Author => Refers to Humayun Kabir Chowdhury (Chittagong, Bangladesh)
• Contributors => It includes the articles, opinions and comments made by guest writer, industry experts and regular user/visitor on the articles as well as important topics/issues related to shipping industry.

2. The title of this website including its contents, image and data are copyright @ of Humayun Kabir Chowdhury- the author of this blog. The copyright and other intellectual property rights of all the materials published in this website/blog are owned by the author.

3. As an educational and leaning site, the user is at liberty to read/share/learn from the articles/posts of this blog. The user may utilize the materials of this blog for his academic needs and also to solve the day to day professional problem of shipping industry. But the user is in no way allowed to reproduce or transmit in any form or by any means (including electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise) any article/ material in full or part of it, of this site for commercial purpose without written permission of the author. If anyone violates this term, he will be subjected to legal action/proceedings.

4. If a user submits a question via question form or makes comments through comment section on any article/ topic, it clearly gives the right to the author for publishing the question or comments along with details of user’s name, email id, name of company and website etc after due moderation/ approval. In that case the author will not be held liable for any claim or consequences for the said user submission. If user does not agree to bear this responsibility, he is advised to refrain from asking any question or passing any comment whatsoever.

5. Normally materials submitted by the user/guest writer for publication, will be treated as non-proprietary and not confidential so that the author enjoys freedom to copy, disclose, distribute, and incorporate such material according to his convenience.

6. Users or members should not make comments using any material for which prior permission from owner have not been obtained. User need to be modest and polite in his conduct, while submitting comments or views in the websites. Personal attacks, sarcasm, abusive words, innuendoes and rude behavior are highly discouraged while passing comments in this site. Moreover avoid using pornographic, defamatory, and anti-religious material that may lead to racial hatred, civil commotion and violates state law. Members/Users using language of any kind as mentioned above, will be banned permanently from the site.

7. If any link to third party site is provided in this blog by user, the author does not take any responsibility about the contents of that third party site. Advertisement links of any form to sell products through private message is not allowed. User may quote web link of his own personal website on this blog at the time of passing comments, if the link is reasonably found to be connected with the contents of the blog.

8. The registered members need to visit the website at least once in every two months interval. If they fail to do so, their membership will be cancelled.
9. Only registered members will be entitled to post comments on articles posted and ask question on any issues/topics of interest concerning international shipping & freight.

9. Exclusion of Liability
• The contents of all the articles and posts incorporated in this blog are the outcome of long working experience and professional knowledge achieved by the author during his service career started from 1979 and through his continuous involvement/ upgrading of knowledge in the dynamic field of shipping industry.
• The contents of this blog are intended to provide a general guideline and feedback regarding the various shipping and freight related matters/issues. In other words the information provided here, are basically aims at fulfilling the educational needs of user to upgrade his knowledge base. But these materials do not constitute any legal, financial, or policy related advice. So user has to consult specialist/expert in order to sort out problems of specific circumstances.
• Due care and reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the information of this website is correct & trustworthy and it has been updated with latest information as far as possible. But the fact remains that since the shipping industry operates under a dynamic & constantly changing environment, so the published information of this blog might not be valid or hundred per cent accurate over the years. It has to be updated from time to time.
• As the contents, sources, information and links change over time, so it is the prime responsibility of the user to verify the contents of this blog before applying same in some particular field/circumstances.
• The blog author does not guarantee the completeness and current accuracy of the materials of this blog. Accordingly  the author or any other party (involved in producing & maintaining this blog) shall not  be liable for any kind of loss or damage that may result due to the use of the information/material of this blog by the member/user/third party.
• This exclusion shall include direct, indirect, incidental, consequential and punitive damages arising out of access to or use of any content of this blog, regardless of the completeness or accuracy of such content.
• There may be instances where the author might have used some data/image/results of case study, downloaded directly from internet for interpreting stuff. It may not be always possible to identify and contact the actual owner or copyright holder of the said information/data. If the actual owner of data is not in favor of approving its use, then the author of this blog is requesting him (Owner of data) to raise objection with supporting proof. In that case, the author will not mind to remove those data from the website.
.. (Data refers to images, text, narratives, illustrations, case study results, audio, video and
other types of reference information/data).
• The person/entity/company subscribing contents of articles through email or asking questions box, agrees in principle to use those materials at their own risk and responsibility and thereby keeps the author of the website and other contributors free from any liability for using such contents.

10. The terms and conditions listed above may be updated from timed to time as per requirement & it is the responsibility of the user to check it periodically.


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