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A check-list is provided below to introduce the blog to all categories of visitors and ensure use of the blog to its fullest potential.

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Checklist/ Guideline

  1. Membership is free. You are welcome to browse the website as a guest. To be a bonafide member, you must complete one-time registration first. To register, simply click on the “Register” link located on the top right hand corner of the website page and fill out the necessary information required. For security purposes an e-mail confirmation is required for your registration. Please provide a unique & valid e-mail address which can ensure your hassle free registration immediately. When you register, you must choose a unique username/screen name. Once your e-mail address has been confirmed, you are ready to log in for participation.
  2. To explore the resources of this website at a glance, it is necessary for a guest visitor to take a look on the overall structure/design of the blog carefully. The menu bar items at the top of web page contain the main resources of this site. Clicking of the item ‘About’ shows different sub-menu and each sub-menu provides different information about the site as per category. All the articles and posts are available in the menu item ‘Topic’. Clicking on Topic will show dropdown list as per category and as per post. From the dropdown list, selection of any category link (by clicking with mouse), will display all articles/posts grouped under this category.
  3. The listed by post sub-menu shows all articles & posts which are arranged in chronological order from inception to date, keeping the latest post at the top.
  4. How to find out an article from the dropdown list made as per category? It is very easy and convenient. For example, we want to find out an article related to the category -”Basic shipping”. Then go to Topic (Menu item) => Listed by category => Select Basic shipping category & click => desired article will be found here. Similarly if we want to see some article related to the category-“Bill of Lading”. Then first go to Topic menu => Listed by category => Bill of Lading & click. Then all the articles/posts categorized under ‘Bill of Lading’ will be displayed from where desired article can be easily traced out.
  5. There is an important tool named ‘Search box’ on the upper right corner of the page. A visitor can search any resource of this site by submitting keyword or title of any topic of his interest.
  6. Follow this blog is another important area which can be used by the visitors/members of this blog to receive quality contents of article/shipping news via email free, by submitting user’s email address/user name in the relevant box.


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  1. ‘Ask your question’ is a great opportunity for the visitors to put forward any sort of question related to the container shipping field which could not be found through searching the blog.
  2. This is an interactive site. We appreciate participation of visitors to share their views, opinions and tips on a particular article/post and help the author to improve the blog.  A comment section below each post is available for visitor to exercise the above privilege.
  3. Once registration is completed, next important job is to build your “Profile” just to create a good image of yourself within the community of users and also in the eyes of blog owner. To edit or update your profile you must first be logged into the website. Once you have logged in, you will find on the top right hand corner of the page “My profile” link. Click on the link, you will be presented with your own profile management page where you can view lot of items/features related to your personal information and data. Update all of the profile fields with required information and click on the “Update” button. All your information will be recorded and saved and displayed in your Control Panel.
  4. A registered member/visitor is advised to go through “About the Container Shipping and Freight blog” which would tell specifically what the blog is about & the topics being dealt in.

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